Ashburton Residents Association ARA Christmas Fair 2018

Mission Statement

The Aims of the Association are:

To promote the interests and the well-being of the people living in the area of benefit by providing an organisation which acts as a forum for residents views on matters which concern their community and / or the area in which they live, including communicating with the statutory and other relevant authorities.

The organisation will strive to work in an open, transparent and welcoming manner at all times. Discrimination on any grounds including gender, cultural background, race, colour, disability, nationality, political, religion, will not be tolerated from any member or any person working with or for the organisation.

The area of benefit is residents and businesses in:

Ashburton Road

Ashfield Road

Bloomsbury Court

Brackenfield Road

Briarfield Road

Delaval Terrace

Douglas Avenue

Elgy Road

Elmfield Gardens

Elmfield Grove

Elmfield Park

Glendale Avenue

Meadowfield Road

Northfield Road

Northumberland Avenue

Oakfield Terrace

Otterburn Avenue

Salters Road (Odd Nos.307-447)

The Firs

Thornfield Road

Wolsingham Road